The past 1 months have been an absolute whirlwind for Nigerian superstar disc jockey, and Wisemen Empire Willisong’s official DJ; DJ Kisswise who is also is looking to cause a massive ruckus this season as he delivers a brand new offering of music to entertainment scene. This month, the superstar DJ releases the #TheBestPsquaremix a.k.a Psquare Party Non-Stop which features an amazing collection of the biggest, globally celebrated and cherished hits from African phenomenon and pop star ; Psquare
Barely taking time off to catch his breath in a year which has seen him involved in a host of career-defining projects covering practically every facet of entertainment, DJ Kisswise crafts this collage of P Square’s past and present hits, aiming to show the blindingly bright future that lies ahead of the Square. The project which boasts a stunning 46 tracks, was kept secret from even P Square and features a collection of the biggest hits which have helped to make P Squar one of Africa’s most loved and respected artists over a relatively short period of time. From monster hits such as SAY YOUR LOVE and possibility , to fan favorites like; Only You, Chop My Money , and even a never-heard-before gem tucked away within the mixtape, this greatest hits mix comes as a surprise gift from Kisswise to P Square and also contains hit song from other artists, featuring P Square. Fans of great music are in for a major treat, courtesy of the innovative and absolutely tireless musical marvel that is DJ Kisswise.
Fasten your seat belts; As Superstar DJ Kisswise takes you on a 1 hour 22 minutes flight of irresistible music, to Destination Kisswise. Seat back, relax and enjoy the flight!


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